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Located between Ogden and Salt Lake City, Woods Cross is a perfect example of suburban Utah. Our neighborhoods enjoy all the amenities of the modern world, while also being a short drive away from magnificent natural areas. While this makes Woods Cross a splendid place to live, it also makes us vulnerable to pest populations. As urban spillover touches nature areas, pests are attracted to our properties by the food, water, and shelter they provide. 

This is why local property owners need to treat pest control in Woods Cross as a serious task and get started on prevention sooner rather than later. The larger consequences of an infestation are far worse than getting proper pest treatments and inspections. 

Uinta Pest Solutions works hard to keep Utah communities pest-free. We offer safe and affordable pest control services to all kinds of properties, so learn how we can help you in Woods Cross today.

Residential Pest Control In Woods Cross

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Pest problems often arise in homes without people realizing it. Pests are good at hiding, so by the time the signs of an infestation are apparent, it often means pests have been lurking unseen for weeks or months. This is why proper residential pest control, including assistance from trained professionals, is the best way to make sure your property isn’t harboring hidden populations. 

When pests invade, they lead to larger issues like property damage and risks to your health. Not only can pests carry diseases, but they can contribute to dust and dander that can cause respiratory attacks, especially for vulnerable groups like children and seniors. 

At Uinta Pest Solutions, we take your family’s protection seriously. We know how to quickly identify and address pest problems, as well as how to keep future infestations from forming. Here’s why so many Utah homeowners rely on us to shield themselves from pests and the problems they cause: 

  • Affordable: We work hard to provide the best pricing around, without sacrificing the quality of our service or the protection it provides. 
  • Eco-friendly: We offer eco-friendly alternatives and pride ourselves on limiting the use of non-natural compounds in our treatments. 
  • Comprehensive: We treat your entire property, not just the areas where pest activity seems most concentrated. This ensures that the entire population is addressed and your home is totally shielded from future invasions. 

Let Uinta Pest Solutions help keep your Woods Cross home safe from pests by contacting us today.

Commercial Pest Control In Woods Cross

Anywhere people gather day in and day out, where they eat meals and generate waste or other byproducts, pests will be attracted. For this reason, commercial properties are at a higher risk than residential ones for pest infestations. 

Whether you run a food service business like a restaurant or bar or not, pests can still be drawn to your property. Warehouses and industrial sites provide storage areas where pests can build nests and establish a home base for invading other nearby properties. Office buildings and healthcare settings similarly have hiding spots, not to mention employees and clients who eat their lunches and generate their own food waste. 

Luckily, Uinta Pest Solutions helps all these kinds of businesses and more with pest prevention. Our commercial pest control plans protect your bottom line by saving you from the added costs pests can impose on your operations in the form of repairs to the property they damage or in saving you from wasting time and money on ineffective elimination measures. 

Protect your Woods Cross business from the effects of pest infestations by contacting Uinta Pest Solutions right away.

Gopher And Vole Control In Woods Cross

Usually, when people worry about rodents invading their property, they are picturing mice or rats that want to get inside their walls. But other kinds of rodents can be problematic for your property, like voles and gophers that are less interested in getting inside your property than they are with building tunnels out in your yard. 

Both gophers and voles are rodents that burrow underground and build tunnels and storage chambers where they stash food and can hibernate during the winter. This causes major damage to yards and even plants like trees and produce growing in your garden. 

This property damage highlights why proper gopher control is important for avoiding costly repairs and the issues that accommodate yard pests. At Uinta Pest Solutions, we can get rid of gophers and voles and even help you avoid them from invading in the first place. Store-bought products and at-home methods won’t be able to fully address a vole or gopher problem, which is why you should turn straight to the pros.

For help with vole control in lawns or gophers causing destruction, turn to Uinta Pest Solutions today.

Five Tips To Avoid Mosquito Bites In Woods Cross

Most people know they don’t want to get bitten by mosquitoes, but many are also unaware of just how dangerous a mosquito bite can be. When dealing with mosquito populations, the danger isn’t in the itchy bite mark they leave behind, but in the diseases or pathogens they may have transmitted into your bloodstream. 

This is why it’s imperative to avoid mosquito bites as much as you can and to take steps to protect your property from mosquitoes in Utah. Here’s what you can do to keep mosquito bites from threatening your time outdoors:

  • Time: Mosquitoes are most active during sunrise and sunset, as they tend to overheat when the sun is high in the sky. Limiting your time outdoors at these hours can reduce mosquito exposure. 
  • Clothing: Wearing long clothing that covers as much of your skin as possible can also protect you, though bear in mind that mosquitoes can still use their needle-like noses to puncture most types of clothing. 
  • Products: You can also treat your clothes or body, or use torches and candles treated with repellent products, to provide temporary relief from mosquito bites. 
  • Landscaping: Mosquitoes thrive in yards that have tall grasses and lots of shade for them to rest in. Keeping your yard trimmed and properly planning its layout can be another key mosquito control step. 
  • Treatments: The best way to shield your entire yard from mosquitoes is with treatments from pest professionals who can ward off swarms and eliminate all their eggs. 

To get rid of mosquitoes and shield your Woods Cross property from future infestations, get started on treatments from Uinta Pest Solutions today.

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