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Quality Pest Control In Sandy, UT

Sandy is a unique city that combines the best of metropolitan excitement with suburban safety. Residents here have access to a little bit of everything, like live music, opportunities for walks and bike rides, notable public schools, and even some leisurely golf. Living in Sandy also means having the option of quaint neighborhood developments or enjoying an apartment that overlooks the bike trail and your favorite diner. Sandy is a tourist destination because it’s located within close proximity to the Bells Canyon Waterfall and O’Sullivan Peak, as well as Salt Lake City and Provo.

At Uinta Pest Solutions, we know that pest problems can happen at any time, which is why we’re dedicated to delivering quality pest control in Sandy. We are a team of trusted local pest experts, and it’s our mission to provide comprehensive services that are budget-conscious. We want to create comfortable homes and businesses where our neighbors can have peace of mind knowing that there are no pests.

To this end, we provide general pest services as well as targeted solutions for cockroaches, bed bugs, and mosquitoes. No matter the pest, we perform detailed inspections, offer free quotes, and implement long-lasting treatments. To learn more about protecting your property with pest control, call us today. 

Residential Pest Control In Sandy

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There is so much to enjoy about living in Sandy, and residents know how lucky they are to call this city home. But being an urbanite also means that your home may be exposed to certain pest problems throughout the year, such as bed bugs or cockroaches. Rather than try to handle these harmful pests on your own, consider professional intervention from Uinta Pest Solutions. We are a locally owned company that was built on the principle of providing our community with safe and affordable pest control no matter what the situation calls for.

If you’re currently dealing with pests on your property or want a proactive solution in order to mitigate your pest exposure, simply give us a call. One of our trained technicians will be right over to perform an in-depth home inspection. We use this opportunity to look for entry points, current pests, and conducive conditions. Then, we’ll perform treatments such as setting up bait stations and spraying the perimeter of your home. We even have eco-friendly products available if you prefer them. And with quarterly visits, we can stay ahead of future pests. To learn more about our residential pest control services in Sandy, please call us today. 

Commercial Pest Control In Sandy

Keeping pests out of your Sandy business can be a challenge. There are things that may be out of your control, which is why Uinta Pest Solutions is here to help. Our trusted services are designed to not only eliminate the pest problems that you face but to also proactively address new ones. We are a local company, so we understand your infestations with firsthand knowledge. All of our technicians are expertly trained and courteous so you can rest assured that you’re working with the best team around. It’s our mission to create long-term relief from pests that is affordable and safe.  We pride ourselves on being customer-focused, so you can expect unmatched support throughout the process.

Upon calling our team, we’ll dispatch one of our technicians to your property in order to assess it for signs of pests and areas of potential concern. We’ll share these findings with you and propose a course of action. In order to provide uninterrupted service, we may also suggest routine visits on a monthly, quarterly, or even bi-weekly basis. Whether your business is a hotel, restaurant, healthcare facility, or office building, we can help you find relief from pests. For more information on how commercial pest control in Sandy can keep pests out of your business, call us today. 

How To Minimize Ants Around Your Sandy Home

Though ants are a very common pest in Sandy, you can try to limit their presence in your home by following these quick tips:

  • Clean up, clean up: Because ants are largely attracted to sweet substances, cleaning is an imperative step in their prevention. You ought to disinfect counters routinely, take out the trash before it accumulates, and take spills of all kinds seriously, even if that means shampoo build-up in the shower. 
  • Be proactive about water: Ants are often lured by moisture, so look for issues both inside and outside of your home. Keep gutters free from debris, fix problem pipes, and be sure to shut off sinks and showers entirely after using them. 
  • Ditch original packaging: Instead of keeping food in its factory packaging, opt for sealed containers. This is even helpful when it comes to pet food and leftovers. 
  • Close off access points: To further minimize the ants you see around your home, you can try to seal off the areas where they usually try to enter in the first place. Start by filling cracks in your foundation with caulk and then make sure that window screens are in good condition and are free of holes. 
  • Bring in the pros: The most effective way to keep ants out of your home is with routine treatments from a pest control professional. These services will enhance the habit changes that you’re making and create a barrier of protection that you can’t otherwise create. 

For more information on ant control in Sandy, call Uinta Pest Solutions today. 

Why Cockroaches In Sandy Call For Professional Treatment

Cockroaches are one of the more complex pests that Sandy residents may encounter, and they always call for professional attention. One of the most significant reasons for this is that cockroaches can pose a serious health risk, so trying to deal with them alone is ill-advised. They can pass along harmful pathogens through their skin and droppings along, which can lead to E. coli infections and giardiasis. Additionally, cockroaches can be hard to identify because they are nocturnal. Females also lay approximately 160 eggs every month, so infestations can grow very quickly.

Lastly, the German cockroach is largely immune to many common treatments, and a professional will have access to products and methods that the average person simply doesn’t. For more information on cockroach control in Sandy, call Uinta Pest Solutions today.

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