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Reliable Pest Control In Ogden, UT

Ogden is a gem of a city that is growing in popularity and with good reason. Whether you’ve made Ogden your home or visit there for the ski resorts, then you know just how special a place it is. The city itself offers residents access to great public education and suburban comforts while also maintaining a thriving food scene and a bustling downtown area. There are live entertainment facilities, museums, and other attractions, as well as clean parks, universities, and nature walks. For the adventurous types, there is also unfettered access to Mt. Ogden and De Moisy Peak, amongst countless other trails. But even paradise has its pest problems; luckily there’s help.

At Uinta Pest Solutions, we provide reliable pest control in Ogden so that homeowners and businesses can sleep soundly at night. We are a locally owned company that is committed to safe, affordable, and effective services for everyone. All of our services are designed to deliver lasting results and we use eco-friendly products that are pet-safe during our treatments. When you partner with us, you can expect detailed inspections, reliable follow-up, and customer support when you need it most. To learn more about our services, call us now! 

Residential Pest Control In Ogden

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Living in Ogden has so many benefits to offer families and individuals. Whether it’s year-round access to nature or a warm and friendly community, this city has it all. But there are also pest problems that you could encounter, whether that entails common visitors such as spiders and ants or seasonal pests such as mosquitoes. Regardless of the pest pressures you might face, Uinta Pest Solutions will be there to help. We are a local company that is committed to providing you with affordable, effective, and reliable pest control. Everything that we do is in service to our customers, so you can expect a seamless experience from start to finish.

Our general pest control process begins with a thorough home assessment and conversation about your pest concerns. We’ll use this information to build a plan of action, which we’ll discuss with you before moving forward with any treatments. We even offer the option of eco-friendly products if you desire them. We can also provide one-time services or quarterly maintenance for ongoing protection. If your pest pressures are more nuanced, we provide work for mosquitoes, bed bugs, rodents, and cockroaches, all with the same quality assurance. For more information on our residential pest control services in Ogden, please call us today.

Commercial Pest Control In Ogden

When it comes to operating a business in a city like Ogden, there are many opportunities for pests to become an issue. Whether that means employees unknowingly bringing bed bugs into the office or having a cockroach outbreak in your commercial kitchen, you need a reliable way to address these situations. At Uinta Pest Solutions, we are the team to call for comprehensive pest control solutions. We provide a broad range of pest services all at an affordable price so that you never need to worry about affording protection. Our technicians are highly qualified, friendly, and ready to work with you.

When you entrust your business to us, you can expect total property evaluations where we look for current pest activity as well as areas of potential concern. We’re also looking for entry points that future pests could use to invade your business. Our technicians will present you with their findings and make recommendations for service. If you desire eco-friendly products, we have those available for you as well, and we will work with you to set up a maintenance plan that suits your schedule and goals. If you ever have any questions, our support team is here to answer them. To learn more about the benefits of commercial pest control in Ogden, call us today.

How Ogden Residents Can Reduce Their Exposure To Wasps

Wasps buzz around Ogden yards and can be harmful to the people they sting. Here are a few ways that residents can limit their exposure to these pests:

  • Eliminate food sources: Wasps usually look for sweet foods, so always keep trash bins secured, clean up food and juice spills during outdoor gatherings, and dispose of any fruits that may have fallen from trees and are decomposing. 
  • Tend to landscaping: These stinging insects are lured by blossoming flowers that are usually yellow, purple, or blue. Instead, try planting lemongrass, thyme, and spearmint.
  • Be defensive: Wasps are territorial pests, so if they detect another nest, they are likely to flee a property. Homeowners can mimic nests by decorating with brown paper bags and paper lanterns. 
  • Seek professional help: The most trusted way to mitigate exposure to wasps is with services from a trusted pest expert. By working with a pro, locals can benefit from proven methods, the use of quality products, and the important training that comes with being a pest technician. 

For more information on wasp control, call Uinta Pest Solutions today. 

Warning Signs Of Termites Every Ogden Homeowner Should Know

Termites can invade Ogden homes very quietly and proceed to enact their damage over extended periods of time. They are searching for wooden structures to infiltrate, which is where they build their colonies. Termites have the ability to cause severe property damage because they eat away at wood all day.

Here are some signs homeowners should look for:

  • Issues with flooring, whether it’s uneven or swollen
  • Piles of tiny discarded wings 
  • Scratching sounds from inside of walls 
  • The presence of mud tubes or mazes
  • Ceilings that appear to be sinking
  • An inability to properly close doors or windows 
  • Bubbling paint and wallpaper 
  • Spotting termite swarmers, which are winged termites that move from one colony to start their own
  • Walls that sound hollow

For a better understanding of termites, homeowners ought to enlist the help of termite professionals like Uinta Pest Solutions. Our technicians are expertly trained and take the time to understand the extent of termites in each home that we service. We specialize in Wood-Destroying Insect Reports, which are an invaluable tool during real estate transactions. These entail walking around the entire home and assessing every piece of wood for signs of termite activity. For more information on termites and termite inspections in Ogden, call us today. 

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From vibrant malls and engaging museums to the well-loved zoo and an incredible aviary, Salt Lake City offers a diverse range of attractions that cater to all interests.

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