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Trustworthy Pest Control In Farmington, UT

When dealing with pests in your home or business, it can be tempting to cut corners and try to cut costs. Why pay others to deal with an infestation when you can buy some bait or treatments from your local store? 

Well, because these treatments don’t always have a good track record, and because the average homeowner or employee isn’t trained in all the ways pest populations spread throughout a property. Only trained experts know how to separate effective methods from phony cure-alls, and only pest professionals have the experience to know where to look for pests and the factors that attract them to local properties. 

For pest control in Farmington, look no further than Uinta Pest Solutions. Contact us today or visit our online resources to learn how we can help keep your property pest-free.

Residential Pest Control In Farmington

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Pests can strike any home at any time of the year. While people tend to notice the most pest activity during the spring, summer, and early fall, the truth about infestations is that they can even happen during cold months and when we’re less prone to notice pest activity. 

When pests invade properties, they can lead to damage and health impacts, which is why proper home pest control in Farmington is in your best interest. At Uinta Pest Solutions, we know that seeking help for pests in your home can be stressful, so we try to take the stress out as much as possible. 

Here’s why Farmington residents should contact us right away if they have pests or if they want to prevent infestations from forming in the first place: 

  • Locally based: Uinta Pest Solutions is based right here in Utah, meaning we provide fast response times and a friendly hometown feel with all our services. 

  • Eco-friendly and safe: We believe in being good stewards of the environment and in only impacting the pest populations we’re targeting with our services. We use only eco-friendly products that are safe for humans and domesticated pets. 

  • Customer-focused: We focus on total customer satisfaction, aiming to solve your pest problems and provide long-term protection with our services. 

Protecting your Farmington home from pests and the damage they cause doesn’t have to be stressful or difficult, so turn to Uinta Pest Solutions to get started today.

Commercial Pest Control In Farmington

When you own a local business, you’ve got an obligation to protect your community and your customers, not just your bottom line. Effective pest control accomplishes all of these things, by protecting your property, employees, and clientele from the nasty experiences pests bring, and by saving your business from the added costs and loss of reputation that result from an infestation. 

Local businesses in Farmington need only look to Uinta Pest Solutions to get the kind of protection and assurances that commercial businesses require. We help bars, restaurants, schools, and office buildings as well as other kinds of properties. There’s no better time to get started on keeping your business safe from invasive pests, so get started today by contacting Uinta Pest Solutions for commercial pest control in Farmington.

Five Ways Gophers And Voles Destroy Farmington Lawnsrs Need To Know

When people picture destructive rodents, they tend to conjure up images of rats and mice that chew through electrical wiring or scratch at interior walls. But some of the really destructive rodents you have to watch out for in Farmington are ones that are found outdoors. 

Gophers and voles are two types of woodland rodents that burrow below the ground and can be drawn to local yards. Once they move in, both gophers and voles can do serious damage to your yard and even human-made structures. 

Here are some of the ways gophers and voles cause destruction when they invade local properties, and why you should seek professional help to ensure proper gopher and vole control in Farmington:

  • Holes and mounds: While both species tunnel below ground to make nesting areas, storage pockets, and access tunnels, they do so in different ways. Gophers push soil out around the openings, creating noticeable mounds. Voles, on the other hand, burrow straight down, leaving more subtle openings that look like pockmarks around your turf. 

  • Damaged plants: Herbivores chew through roots, bulbs, flowers, and fruits as they hunt for food sources. In local yards, this means damaged flowerbeds and decorative plants. 

  • Tree marks: Another way rodents damage plants is by gnawing on tree trunks to file down their teeth. Voles in particular will leave irregular notches around the bark. 

  • Spongy soil: As subterranean rodents burrow through the soils beneath the surface of our grass, they can change the feel of your lawn. Noticing spongy soil as you walk — or the more obvious collapse that occurs from particularly deep or longstanding tunnels — is a sure sign of gopher or vole damage. 

It’s better to turn to experts for yard pest control before these obvious and costly signs of damage form, so contact Uinta Pest Solutions today to learn how we can keep gophers and voles away from your Farmington property.

Is It Possible To Remove Bed Bugs Using DIY Treatments In Farmington?

Bed bugs are nasty, common, and more difficult to address than most people realize. As parasites that like to feed on people, bed bugs are uniquely adapted to make it inside human properties. They are often picked up while we’re traveling or visiting other properties, clinging to our hair, skin, clothing, or contaminated items that we bring back home with us. 

This is why bed bugs can really happen to anybody, and total prevention is only as possible as the rest of the world makes it. People often don’t even realize they have bed bugs until the infestation causes itchy red marks to appear on their skin. 

The sudden and stressful nature of a bed bug problem is often why homeowners and business owners try to eliminate them on their own, thinking a DIY approach will save them money in the long run. But at-home methods and treatments administered by untrained hands aren’t going to be effective. 

For one, not every pesticide is as effective as they claim. For another, bed bugs reproduce quickly and lay their eggs in hidden areas of a room, home, or property. You need to not only find an effective treatment method but also know how to root out a bed bug population and completely treat it. For guaranteed results, you need bed bug treatments from trained professionals. Uinta Pest Solutions is your local resource for fast, affordable, and effective bed bug control in Farmington. 

Don’t try to address bed bugs on your own; turn to Uinta Pest Solutions for reliable treatment today.

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