Termite Infestations Just Aren’t Worth The Gamble

Termite infestations are a serious problem for home and business owners alike. Between infrastructure damages and dips in property value, they’re a Salt Lake City property owner’s worst nightmare. And while a termite problem may seem small and somewhat manageable at the beginning, it won’t take long before their burgeoning numbers overrun your DIY attempts, causing thousands of dollars in damages as a result.

If you think or know there may be termite activity near your home or business, don’t hesitate to turn to the expert termite inspectors at Uinta Pest Solutions. Our techs have extensive experience with the behaviors and signs of wood-eating insects, and have the time, talent, and solutions necessary to identify infestations before they get worse.

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Our Termite Inspection Process

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It’s true that termites are exceedingly rare around Salt Lake City. However, it’s not an impossibility in residential or commercial areas. Uinta Pest Solutions offers detailed termite inspections to meet your needs with near-instant results. We can perform holistic investigations and provide comprehensive inspection reports that help you make informed decisions about your next steps.

Here’s a breakdown of what we offer:

  1. WDIR Reports: Wood-destroying insect reports, or WDIRs, are not always a required part of the average home inspection, but they are often requested by curious buyers or required by mortgage companies before offering loans. Uinta Pest Solutions can help you make quick work of this process with fast, efficient, and affordable reports. Once we investigate the inside and outside of the property, we can issue a full report of our findings to all interested parties. Since we offer same-day turnarounds and responsive customer services, we’ve become the ultimate provider of WDIR reports for properties in Salt Lake City.
  2. VA Loan Inspections: Getting a mortgage from the Department of Veteran Affairs requires you to follow certain procedures, including a VA home loan pest inspection for any property under contract. Not only does this ensure your physical safety by verifying building compliance, but it verifies your lender’s investment in your home isn’t damaged by pest infestations. Uinta Pest Solutions ensures high-quality results from trained providers certified with the VA. We may walk around your potential home to look for conducive conditions or hunt for signs of previous pest activity near the walls, floors, or foundations. Our technicians also inspect every piece of wood that may be in the home, touching each one to make sure termite activity is a present impossibility.

Learn more about VA home loan pest inspection requirements by calling Uinta Pest Solutions directly.

Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes. Although termites are exceedingly rare in Salt Lake City, infestations can and do happen. Both subterranean and drywood termites are listed as known invaders. Formosan termites are not yet listed as potential invaders.

Both homes and businesses are at risk for termite infestations in Salt Lake City. That said, properties with conducive conditions (i.e., mulch piles or curing firewood) have a higher likelihood of infestation.

Could your property be a potential candidate for termite infestations in Utah? Reach out to the pros at Uinta Pest Solutions to schedule an inspection toda

Do you offer termite treatments to customers?

No. Uinta Pest Solutions provides termite inspection services to home and business owners in Salt Lake City. If we do find termite activity within the walls of your home, we can recommend further steps with trusted facilities in our network. From WDIR reports to VA loan inspections, you can trust us to find termites in practically any environment.

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What kind of termite inspections do you offer?

Uinta Pest Solutions offers two types of termite inspections to Salt Lake City property owners. These include: 

  1. WDIR Reports: A wood-destroying insect report is often requested by prospective home buyers or mortgage companies before the sale of a property. 
  2. VA Loan Inspections: This is an assessment of a property’s current condition, especially when it comes to wood-eating insect activity. 

For additional details about either of these pest control home inspections, contact Uinta Pest Solutions directly.

Termite Inspections That The Locals Trust

When you need to identify a possible termite infestation near your Salt Lake City property, you can rely on Uinta Pest Solutions to inspect the area with 100% certainty. We offer same-day and emergency visits to meet your expectations, and provide plenty of information regarding next steps in your termite inspection journey.

Have any questions? Ready to get started? Uinta Pest Solutions can help with both. Call today to chat with an expert and discuss your home pest control and commercial pest control needs in detail.

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