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Vole Identification & Prevention

Voles may be unlikely to enter your Salt Lake City home, but that doesn't mean you want to roll out the red carpet to your landscaping.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Voles

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What are voles?

Voles are rodents that typically remain outside and do not venture indoors like rats or mice. This makes them less problematic than these rodents in many ways, but in other ways, voles can cause just as much damage.

They may not chew inside your house, but they will spend plenty of time gnawing on your landscaping, vegetable garden, and prize roses. This means they can wreak absolute havoc on your outdoor property. What’s worse, controlling voles is sometimes made much harder by the fact that they stay outside and are tougher to exclude. Reach out to us today for pest control services in Salt Lake City.

Are voles dangerous?

As a general rule, voles are not dangerous. Unlike many other rodent varieties, voles do not come inside your home. This means they rarely, if ever, come into contact with you, meaning their ability to spread disease to people is greatly diminished. That being said, they can still destroy your garden and landscaping, and they may infest your property with potentially dangerous parasites, like fleas and ticks. That’s why gopher and vole control is still vital.

Why do I have a vole problem?

Voles are herbivores, and they will eat just about every part of the plant. That means they will be attracted to just about every lawn in the state of Utah, especially ones with juicy vegetable gardens, fruit trees, or lots of tubers in the ground. Voles also love plants with big, water-filled roots they can tear up from underneath, so if you water your lawn a lot, watch out.

Where will I find voles?

Voles like to burrow, so much of the time, you will not find them at all because they will be hiding out in their underground tunnels and dens. Voles spend much of their lives underground, though they will come up to feed on grass leaves and fallen fruits or veggies.

All this means the best way to tell if you have a vole infestation is to look for signs of voles, including:

  • Ruts or trails in your yard from voles traveling the same paths
  • Withering or wilting plants from voles destroying their roots
  • Damage to your fruit or vegetable harvests
  • Spongy soil or holes in the soil
  • Increased snake, feral cat, or other predator activity on your property

If you start seeing multiple signs of voles, it’s likely you have them and will need a professional vole control service to help.

How do I get rid of voles?

Unfortunately, the vole control products you can get at the store will not be very effective against an established infestation. This is why the best thing you can do to deal with voles is to contact the experts here at Uinta Pest Solutions. We are trained and equipped to handle all the home pest control and commercial pest control problems endemic to the Salt Lake City area, and we can vacate the voles from your property in a flash.

How can I prevent voles in the future?

Controlling voles in your garden and landscaping is a lot easier when you make it less attractive to them in the first place. To do this:

  • Use castor oil or hot pepper oil on your garden plants to make them taste bad.
  • Get rid of vole hiding spots like piles of leaves, wood stacks, and other debris.
  • Harvest fallen fruits and veggies as soon as possible.
  • Keep your grass trimmed as short as you can.
  • Use fake owls or hawks to scare voles away from your yard.

Using these tactics may help make your yard a more hostile place for voles, but if you wind up with a vole problem anyway, we have vole solutions here at Uinta Pest Solutions.

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