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Frequently Asked Questions About Gophers

What are gophers?

a gopher coming out of the groundGophers are a type of burrowing rodent that belongs to the scientific family of Geomyidae. Adult gophers grow between 4 and 18 inches in length, and they are brownish to black in color. All gophers have large, clawed paws they use for digging and tunnel creation, a short tail, small ears and eyes, and constantly growing large front incisors.

Gophers are known for the damage they cause once they start tunneling underneath properties, and only professional pest control in Salt Lake City safely removes this critter and protects your outdoor spaces.

Are gophers dangerous?

While gophers are unlikely to attack humans and prefer to keep to themselves for the most part, they are still dangerous to host around your property. Gophers are known for their constant tunneling behavior, and the mounds they leave behind around your property may become tripping hazards. These tunnels also make your outdoor areas weak, leading to widespread destruction.

Gophers may eat away at the plants around your property, use their strong teeth to gnaw spots on buildings, or spread fleas, ticks, and mites around outdoor areas, something that can cause further pest infestation issues. Gopher and vole control is the best thing to avoid these dangers.

Why do I have a gopher problem?

Gophers are food-motivated, like many other pest invaders, and they will typically be drawn to properties that provide easy access to their favorite foods. This rodent is a herbivore, so plenty of vegetation, vegetable gardens, and overgrown outdoor foliage attract them. Water and easy spaces to dig their tunnels are also prime attractants to gophers.

Where will I find gophers?

Gophers are typically found underground, as this is where they create their tunnels and prefer to hide out. If you do see gophers on your property, you will most likely see the during the early hours of the morning or around dusk. Outside of their burrows, gophers will be sighted along tree lines, around piles of brush and debris, or hiding near large patches of vegetation.

How do I get rid of gophers?

If you want to get rid of gophers and protect your property from this pest, look no further than Uinta Pest Solutions. Our technicians provide you with effective gopher control methods that take into account your property’s specific pest removal needs and ensure your outdoor areas are protected from this destructive pest.

With our help, you won’t need to worry about tackling home pest control and commercial pest control all alone and can benefit from safe, reliable professional solutions. Call us now to get started.

How can I prevent gophers in the future?

Prevent future gopher problems by following these steps to deter gophers from stopping by your property and tunneling away unhindered:

  • Plant vegetation around your property that wards off gophers, such as rosemary, lavender, and marigolds.
  • Elevate vegetable gardens and utilize sturdy wooden bases to stop gophers from tunneling up and into your planted areas.
  • Cut back long grasses and remove piles of debris or overgrown foliage from outdoor areas to reduce easy gopher hiding spots.
  • Spray peppermint oil around the perimeter of your property or outdoor spaces that you want to protect, as gophers hate the smell.
  • Consider installing a fence around the perimeter of your property that goes several feet into the ground to stop gophers from burrowing on your property.

Contact Uinta Pest Solutions right away if you suspect gophers are becoming a destructive problem on your Salt Lake City property.

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