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Frequently Asked Questions About Elm Seed Bugs

What are elm seed bugs?

elm seed bug on woodElm seed bugs are a type of insect that typically lives and feeds on elm trees. Also called elm beetles, these insects are small, brownish-red in color, and have a black spot on their back. The mouths of elm seed bugs are long and thin, and they use this for eating seeds from elm trees, something that causes damage to the plant. Most adult elm seed bugs grow to be around 3/8 of an inch long.

If you need help identifying a suspected elm seed bug infestation, contact Uinta Pest Solutions right away.

Are elm seed bugs dangerous?

While elm seed bugs are dangerous to plants and often considered a nuisance, they are not particularly dangerous to humans. This pest doesn’t bite, spread disease to humans, or transmit any kind of venom, but they are problematic to deal with and cause stress when they invade the plants on your property in large numbers.

When they invade elm trees or other plants, elm seed bugs feed off of the trees. If an infestation is large enough, this causes damage and health issues to the tree. Elm seed bugs also leave unpleasant fecal marks on the items they crawl over, which can ruin indoor items or damage the appearance of plants.

Total elm seed bug removal is necessary to avoid the problems that these small insects bring

Why do I have an elm seed bug problem?

Elm seed bugs are primarily drawn to elm trees, so if you have a few of these on your property, you may be risking infestation. These insects are also drawn to interior areas as they look for safe places to shelter, and lots of cracks around your property’s structure or open windows and doors may let them inside. Getting rid of elm seed bugs can be as simple as removing the factors that attract them and protecting potential host trees from this pest.

Where will I find elm seed bugs?

Elm seed bugs will most often be found on elm trees around your property. However, they may also invade interior spaces in search of shelter and be seen near windows and doors. Elm seed bugs might also hide under furniture, in the spaces between walls, or between the leaves of other plants around your property. Over time, infestations can grow and these pests will be seen everywhere on your property, something that is a major nuisance.

How do I get rid of elm seed bugs?

Instead of spending your time learning how to get rid of elm seed bugs, give Uinta Pest Solutions a call instead. Our team of friendly and professional technicians will listen to you to understand your pest problem and develop treatment plans that effectively get rid of this nuisance pest.

Call us now to learn more about our professional home pest control plans or to get started.

How can I prevent elm seed bugs in the future?

Follow our expert tips to prevent elm seed bug infestations in the future:

  • Seal gaps around your property to prevent these pests from invading interior spaces.
  • Repair broken window and door screens, and install weatherstripping where possible.
  • Rake and remove elm seeds that have fallen on your property to reduce elm seed bug food sources.
  • Inspect firewood for signs of elm seed bugs before moving it onto your property.

Contact Uinta Pest Solutions today for more prevention advice or for assistance protecting your property from elm seed bugs.

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