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Frequently Asked Questions About Boxelder Bugs

What are boxelder bugs?

a swarm of boxelder bugsThe boxelder bug is a common outdoor pest that can invade spaces in large numbers. They are black insects that have a reddish-orange color outlining their wings and abdomen. Nymphs or “baby” boxelder bugs are bright red in color. Their striking colors make it easy to identify these insects.

Boxelder bugs are sap suckers. They use their proboscis (elongated sucking mouthparts) to feed on the seeds of trees in addition to the juices of plants and some fruits. Boxelder bugs don’t typically feed on leaves or the plants themselves. Despite their feeding habits and ability to invade trees in large numbers, they typically don't cause long-term damage. Reach out to us today for pest control services in Salt Lake City.

Are boxelder bugs dangerous?

Boxelder bugs are common structure-invading pests. While having large numbers of boxelder bugs living in our homes is not an ideal situation. It is important to note that they are only overwintering there, not feeding or breeding, which isn’t to say that having them in your house is without consequence. Inside our homes, boxelder bugs will stain upholstery, walls, and curtains with their excrement. When crushed or handled, these insects will produce a foul-smelling odor. Also, having boxelder bugs in your home means that there are openings in its exterior that will allow other, more problematic pests insid

Why do I have a boxelder bug problem?

Boxelder bugs live outside throughout most of the year, breeding and feeding on the leaves, flowers, and seeds of boxelder trees and other seed-bearing trees. In the fall, when the weather cools, these insects migrate to homes and other structures, attracted by the warm, sunny exterior siding. As the boxelder bugs move up the walls of our homes, they find a way inside through cracks in walls, openings around windows and doors, and spaces along the roofline.

Where will I find boxelder bugs?

The preferred host tree of the boxelder bug is its namesake, the boxelder tree. Where there are boxelder trees is where these pests will gather and live in large numbers.

Outside, boxelder bugs are regularly spotted by people as they crawl over their host trees' bark and branches. In addition to boxelder trees, they regularly infest maple, ash, cherry, plum, and other cherry trees.

Inside our homes, boxelder bugs move into dry, warm, dark spaces. Places we regularly find these insects gathered include attics, vents, crawl spaces, and wall voids. When the weather warms up in the spring, they move back outside to feed, breed, and continue their lifecycle.

How do I get rid of boxelder bugs?

When it comes to boxelder bugs, being proactive is key. Partnering with a professional is the best defense against these structure-invading pests. The quarterly recurring services we offer at Uinta Pest Solutions will provide you with the boxelder bug treatments you can count on to eliminate them and prevent their future return.

With the help of our effective pest control treatments and exceptional services performed by our knowledgeable professionals, you will no longer be sharing your home with boxelder bugs. For helpful information about our home pest control and commercial pest control solutions, please reach out today!

How can I prevent boxelder bugs in the future?

Keeping boxelder bugs out of your yard can be difficult, but you can help keep these insects out of your house by making some simple changes. Always keep secure screens in open windows and doors, and make sure that weatherstripping is intact. Use door sweeps to eliminate gaps under doors. Check exterior walls and the roofline for openings, using caulk or another material to seal them. Keep a cap on the chimney and covers over vents. Cutting tree branches back away from the outside of your home and the roofline also helps stop these pests from gaining easy access to your home.

Contact us today for more information about our comprehensive boxelder bug control solutions.

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