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Salt Lake City is noted as one of the most desirable places to live and visit in the area. Whether you’re going for a hike in the summer or skiing in the winter, there is always something to enjoy in these parts. There are, however, pest problems that arise, such as bed bug infestations. These pests are parasites, and they will find a host to latch onto and hitchhike until they make it to their new home. From there, bed bugs proceed to feast on people while they’re asleep because that’s when the body is at its warmest. Bed bugs can be very tenacious and hard to get rid of because they don’t require much sustenance, can withstand the elements, and don’t usually leave food sources once they’ve found one. 

When it comes to successfully eliminating bed bugs from your property, heat treatments are the most reliable form of service. At Uinta Pest Solutions, we provide highly effective and affordable services for pests such as bed bugs. When you partner with us, you’ll have the assurance that you’re working with experts. We customize all of our treatments to our customers’ needs and we only use eco-friendly products when we do so. Our bed bug treatments are no exception from the excellence that we infuse into everything we do. The following guide will provide information on our services so that you can better understand how they work. If you’re ready to eliminate bed bugs, please call us right away. 

Bed Bug Detection: How To Spot And Confirm An Infestation

bed bug infestation

Bed bug infestations are notoriously difficult to spot because they are often located in areas of properties that people rarely go or simply can’t. They live in couch cushions, mattresses, electrical outlets, electrical sockets, and a host of other hidden places. Bed bugs also thrive wherever they can access people because they need blood in order to survive. This leads them to take up shelter in many types of public places and homes. Additionally, they only come out to feed at night, so many people often miss them entirely. If you’re hoping to identify and confirm a bed bug infestation in your property, look for the following signs:

  • Stains: Bed bugs often create stains on pillows, cushions, sheets, blankets, and other fabrics. These happen either when they are crushed at night if you roll over them or when they leave behind fecal matter. The color of these stains is either rust-colored or composed of blood. 
  • Byproducts: Another way to confirm a bed bug infestation is by the byproducts that they produce during an outbreak. Some of these include body parts, skin, eggs, egg shells, and droppings. Bed bug feces resemble flecks of dirt, while their eggs and egg sacs are usually cream-colored. Bed bug body parts and skin are shed during the molting process. 
  • Bed bugs: If you notice any bed bugs that are alive or dead, then you are likely dealing with an infestation. These pests are often flat, appleseed-shaped, and a translucent amber color before they have eaten. Once they’ve had a meal, bed bugs become engorged, more oval-shaped, and appear to be a darker color. 
  • Health issues: People who live in infested areas often suffer from either allergic reactions or asthma episodes. This comes as a result of particles of bed bug byproducts spreading through the air. These issues most often impact children and the elderly, but they may appear in people of various ages.  

To learn more about bed bug identification, call Uinta Pest Solutions today.

Safe And Effective: Advantages Of Bed Bug Heat Treatments

Eliminating bed bugs requires a few things. The treatment needs to be penetrative, far-reaching, and effective. In order to completely eliminate an infestation every single bed bug must be wiped out, otherwise, homeowners risk the possibility of a larger, more stubborn infestation in the future. One method of treating bed bug outbreaks comes in the form of heat treatments. While property owners have other options, here are some of the benefits that this approach provides:

  • Eco-conscious and safe for the entire family: Because heat treatments apply at least 120 degrees of heat, they do not call for the use of any additional products. They are innately safe because it’s only the use of heat without chemicals.  
  • Limited preparation and time: There are other treatments such as steam treatments and fumigation that some companies utilize. These methods require a significant amount of preparation and time spent out of the home. Fumigation, for example, is a particularly harsh method that also means homeowners must leave their dwellings for at least three days. It also dictates that there can be no living things in the home, so people must gather their plants and any other important items before this service is performed. 
  • Discreet nature: A heat treatment can be performed without nosy neighbors knowing. Other forms of removal, such as fumigation, often mean that homes get tented, which draws unnecessary attention to an already stigmatized pest problem. 
  • Yields highly effective results: A heat treatment gets piped into a house, so it is able to reach all of the nooks and crannies that are otherwise very hard to access. These treatments have a 95-99% efficacy rate on their first application.

At Uinta Pest Solutions, our preferred method of bed bug elimination in Salt Lake City is heat treatment. For more information on these services and how they function, please call us today. 

How Heat Treatment Kills Bed Bugs: Understanding The Process

Heat treatments have a typical efficacy rate of between 95% and 99% in just one service, but how do they work? The name is actually very telling, a heat treatment uses just that: heat. Typically heat treatments involve temperatures of at least 120 degrees because that is the level at which bed bugs begin to dry out and die. More specifically, a heat treatment is performed through the use of a heat trailer and heating stations that are placed both inside and outside of the home. The trailer is the main source of heat and that is situated outside of the home. It feeds the stations that get piped directly into the building. Fans are also sometimes placed strategically in order to circulate the hot area around the specific places that are being treated. 

Sometimes these treatments last for several hours but that can vary depending on the customer’s unique situation and spread of the infestation. Many people prefer this option because it is fast, highly effective, and doesn’t leave behind any residual chemicals. 

At Uinta Pest Solutions, bed bug heat treatments are the way that we address bed bug infestations. As a locally owned company, we always put our customers’ safety first, which is why we only adopt eco-friendly methods that actually create results. When we perform a heat treatment, we guarantee your satisfaction, so if we’re not able to eliminate the entire bed bug population after 72 hours, we’ll come back until we do. For more information on these services, please call us today. 

Don't Battle Bed Bugs Alone: Call For Expert Bed Bug Heat Treatments

When it comes to completely eliminating bed bugs from a property, Uinta Pest Solutions has the answer. We are proud to be a locally owned and operated company that focuses on effective and affordable services, and our bed bug treatments are no exception. Over the years, our customers have come to expect straightforward and honest communication, free quotes, top-notch technicians, and the use of eco-friendly products. We provide the full package so that our neighbors can sleep soundly at night knowing that their homes aren’t infested with bed bugs. 

Our signature bed bug control service begins with the most comprehensive property inspection possible. We know that bed bugs are capable of hiding in hard-to-spot areas, so it’s our job to locate them. During this phase, we’re checking each room of the home and individual pieces of furniture in order to determine the extent of the outbreak. We look for the subtlest of signs as well as the ones that are glaring to a team of experts. Once we have the information that we require, we’ll provide customers with a free estimate of service. If the homeowner decides to move forward with service, then we implement one of our top-quality bed bug heat treatments. 

A heat treatment requires preparation on behalf of the homeowner so that we can provide the most impactful service possible. We’ll provide details on this process prior to treatment. It usually involves vacating the premises for a period of time and not removing any items that could potentially contain bed bugs, along with other steps. In addition to these services, we work closely with homeowners on preventive measures that they can take in order to limit their chances of a future infestation. All of our bed bug services come with a satisfaction guarantee, so if we have not successfully eliminated every bed bug, we will perform re-treatments until the issue is resolved. To learn more about how our heat treatment service works, please call us today.

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