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The Best Way To Protect Your Wasatch Front Business

As a local business owner, you know how many moving parts you have to maneuver to succeed. The same is true of proper pest control. That’s why, instead of having to worry about all the many factors that affect your level of risk, you should let local experts worry about that for you.

At Uinta Pest Solutions, we know how to keep small businesses safe because we’re a small business ourselves. Rather than call some big national chain, choose the homegrown pest control service that places stock in its relationships with local businesses. For customizable services that match your business and budget, contact Uinta Pest Solutions.

At Uinta Pest Solutions, we’re your friendly neighborhood pest experts who are eager to address pest problems and the things that attract them to your home. Learn more about the effective services we offer Wasatch Front area homeowners.

What To Expect From Our Commercial Services

On-Time Inspections

With one call, we’ll schedule an inspection of your business. A trained expert will arrive promptly at the agreed-upon time and location.


Our technician will have a personal and direct conversation with the building manager; that way, we know every detail about your property and the goods or services you provide. All these aspects affect your risk level.


Unlike other pest companies that will try to sell you excessive products and services, we only do what your property needs. All our services are fully customizable, meaning you always get and pay for exactly what you ask for.

Uinta Pest Solutions Sandy Utah

Facilities We Service

Uinta Pest Solutions Sandy Utah

Bars and Restaurants

Because they are places where food is stored, served, and thrown away, pests will target restaurants and bars. Proper pest control helps protect from loss of business and reputation that a pest infestation can cause.

Uinta Pest Solutions Sandy Utah


The many beds, linens, and kitchens found in medical facilities can attract bed bugs, cockroaches, rodents, and more. Keep these spaces clean and healthy with proper pest control.

Uinta Pest Solutions Sandy Utah

Nursing Homes

When pests infest in nursing homes, their presence threatens the safety and wellbeing of our loved ones. Uinta Pest Solutions provides effective pest treatments to protect the ones you love.

Uinta Pest Solutions Sandy Utah

Office Buildings

Even non-food-service businesses can be places where people and their waste attract pests. Pest experts can help make sure to keep pests aren’t drawn to your business.

Uinta Pest Solutions Sandy Utah


Not only are schools large buildings with plenty of places for pests to hide, but they are also public spaces where pests can spread directly. Protect your students and staff with comprehensive pest prevention.

Uinta Pest Solutions Sandy Utah


Large industrial buildings often have lots of storage areas and containers that pests can use as nesting grounds. Traps and treatments help ensure all this space is protected.

Why Choose Uinta Commercial Pest Solutions?

Even property owners who know what pests to watch out for can still wind up with an infestation. These tiny and invasive creatures can slip in through the smallest crack attracted by the slightest trace of food or water. That’s why pest professionals save you time and money in the long run, removing the cloud of pest concerns from the long list of other things you have to worry about.

Partnering with Uinta Pest Solutions gives you the following:

Free Quote

After we’ve acquainted ourselves with your business and its needs, we’ll provide a free estimate so you know before you commit to the services.

Customizable Service

The whole racket about professional services is that they want to bundle all their services into one expensive package. We don’t do that, allowing you to pick exactly the products and services you want.

Ongoing Relationship

We don’t just do the work and forget about you. Once you choose Uinta Pest Solutions, you’ve got a pest control partner for life. We’ll keep checking up on you and making sure pests aren’t a problem.

Why We Do What We Do

As a local, family-owned business, we understand why keeping our communities healthy, and pest-free is important. Uinta Pest Solutions is all about supporting our clients with communication and follow-through every step of the way. You don’t get that kind of personal connection with other companies. For us, it’s why we do this kind of work. To truly protect your business from the threat of pests, choose Uinta Pest Solutions. Contact us today to get started!

Find out how Uinta Pest Solutions protects Wasatch Front area homeowners from pests.

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