Pest Control Tailored To Your Salt Lake City Business’s Needs

With all of the things you have to handle as a business owner, it would be nice if you could turn over some of the responsibility to someone else every now and then. However, when you are uniquely qualified to do the things you do, you don’t want to let someone less qualified step in. Instead of handing over your most important responsibilities, think of the parts of your job that would benefit from bringing in outside help.

Just as you are an expert in your industry, the professionals at Uinta Pest Solutions are experts in the pest control industry. We understand how important it is for your business to stay pest-free, not only to avoid costly damage to your facility but also to avoid any negative publicity that often goes along with commercial pest problems. Uinta Pest Solutions offers high-quality pest control solutions in Salt Lake City to protect your business from pest threats of all kinds.

What To Expect From Our Commercial Services

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Dealing with a pest infestation in your business is a stressful experience. Getting rid of it as quickly and completely as possible is the best way to ensure that you minimize the negative repercussions. That’s where Uinta Pest Solutions comes in. Our expert technicians will provide your business with fast and effective service to protect your business from pests.

We begin with a detailed inspection of your commercial property. As we look around the interior and exterior of your facility, we’ll note hotspots and other areas of concern. We’ll also discuss your concerns with you and find out what you’ve seen around your property in regard to pests.

Using the information we gather, we’ll create a treatment plan that addresses your concerns and what we found during our inspection. In addition to making sure all active pest problems are taken care of, we’ll also take the necessary steps to protect your property from new pest problems. Our services offer effective solutions. We don’t simply treat the symptoms while leaving the root of the issue intact, but instead, get to the source of the problem so that it doesn’t return.

Depending on your needs, we’ll develop a treatment schedule that works for you. Businesses often require weekly, bi-monthly, monthly, or quarterly services. All of our treatments have eco-friendly options available that are safe for pets and humans.

Facilities We Service

Bars & Restaurants

inside a restaurant You wouldn’t want to see pests crawling around while you were eating a meal and neither would your customers. Not only is a pest infestation in your bar or restaurant bad for business, but it’s also a major health concern. Protect your customers from illness and your business from developing a damaged reputation by partnering with Uinta Pest Solutions for commercial pest control.


a dental healthcare officeYou take great care to provide your patients with the services they need to stay healthy. The last thing you want to do is expose them to pathogens that could make them sick. Let Uinta Pest Solutions protect your healthcare facility from disease-spreading pests with our commercial pest control services.


warehouseMaintaining your warehouse and everything inside it is much easier if you don’t have tiny forces working against you. A pest infestation can often go unnoticed at first, but this allows the pests a chance to damage your property without being noticed. Let Uinta Pest Solutions protect your warehouse from pests and the damage they cause.

Office Buildings

office workerNo one wants to work in an office building that is overrun by pests. Not only does a pest infestation create an uncomfortable work environment, but it can also be harmful to people’s health and safety, as well as damaging to your building. Keep pests out of your office building with help from Uinta Pest Solutions.


kids in a classroomDealing with pests in a school building doesn’t lend itself to creating a good learning environment. In order to help students and teachers, you need to make sure your school is pest-free. Uinta Pest Solutions offers the commercial pest control services you need to protect your school from pests.

Nursing Homes

Nursing home nurse and patientThe people who come to stay at your nursing home often have compromised immune systems or injuries of some sort. Protecting their health and well-being is paramount, but that’s hard to accomplish if pests are present. Protect your nursing home and everyone inside it by partnering with Uinta Pest Solutions for commercial pest control.

Reasons To Choose Uinta Pest Solutions


Effective Solutions

You’ll receive pest control solutions customized to your business and designed to effectively eliminate your pest problems.


Fast Service

We know time is of the essence when pests invade your business. That’s why we offer fast service to eliminate your pest problems.

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Local Experts

The professionals at Uinta Pest Solutions are pest control experts with local expertise to solve your pest problems.

Working To Protect Your Business

No matter what pest problems your Salt Lake City business is experiencing, Uinta Pest Solutions has the pest control solutions you need to get rid of them. Your customer-oriented experience begins with a thorough inspection, is designed around your business’s unique pest control needs, and delivers effective solutions for your pest problems. We offer eco-friendly treatment options and flexible scheduling that works for you. With a commitment to providing fast, exceptional, and affordable services, you can always expect the best when you choose Uinta Pest Solutions. From general pest control to bed bug clean-outs and everything in between, our wide array of services are sure to meet your pest control needs. Don’t wait another day to protect your business from pests. Call us now to get started and to learn more about our commercial and home pest control services.

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