During the spring and summer here in Salt Lake City, a host of different stinging insects emerge and often construct nesting sites in quiet residential neighborhoods. Although these pests provide some benefits to the overall environment by helping with plant pollination and limiting the population of many types of pests that hinder agricultural efforts, stinging insects will defend their colonies by delivering painful stings—often attacking in swarms. Among the most common types of stinging insects in the Salt Lake City areas include bees, hornets, and wasps.

What is the best way of dealing with a wasp nest on my Salt Lake City property? Many property owners find themselves regretting their decision to try do-it-yourself products for controlling stinging insects after experiencing multiple stings from these aggressive pests. A Salt Lake City pest control professional receives ample training, which is often vital for safely executing stinging insect control measures.

Distinctive Wasp Characteristics: How To Identify Wasps

Among the most common types of wasps found in Salt Lake City are bald-faced hornets, mud daubers, paper wasps, and yellow jackets.

Bald-faced hornets typically form aerial nests and have a distinctive appearance that includes a black body with a white face. Mud daubers are aptly named because they construct their nests using mud. Mud daubers typically appear black with some lighter-colored markings.

Paper wasps form large “papery” nests and appear in brown, yellow, and orange. Yellow jackets have a recognizable black and yellow appearance and form nests above or below the ground.

What is the biggest wasp species that homeowners in Salt Lake City might encounter? Among the wasp species in this region, hornets are generally the largest type.

Wasp Infestations: Potential Health Risks

Wasps will aggressively pursue those who pose a perceived risk to their nests. Wasps can sting multiple times, a problem that may be exacerbated when they attack in swarms with many others.

What to do if you get stung by a wasp? Most of those stung by wasps experience mild pain and swelling. Here, wash the areas of the skin with soap and water and use a cold pack or ice to reduce swelling. Those who exhibit adverse allergic reactions should promptly seek medical attention.

Strategies For Wasp Prevention: Effective Tips And Tricks

What are some preventative measures or other ways how to deter bees and wasps? Property owners in the Salt Lake City region should consider the following tips:

  • If drinking beverages outdoors, keep them covered or use a cup with a lid to limit access.
  • Any trash bags filled with food scraps should remain inside durable, sealed garbage receptacles.
  • Rather than planting flowers in exterior areas—consider less fragrant alternatives.
  • Remember that wearing strong cologne or lotion might attract wasps.
  • Some research suggests that wasps are attracted to lighter-colored clothing; therefore, wear darker shades when venturing outdoors.

Too many homeowners abruptly find themselves in potentially harmful encounters with wasps. For example, property owners might inadvertently walk over a ground nest and disturb the wasps. Based on the possible safety concerns, contact an experienced pest control company for assistance.

Safe and Effective Wasp Removal: Contact Us Right Away!

What is the best way to get rid of wasps in Salt Lake City? Rather than trying store-bought stinging insect products, promptly speak with a licensed home pest control professional for assistance with these potentially harmful flying pests. The professionals with Uinta Pest Solutions will identify the type of wasp, choose the best treatment plan, and stand behind the quality of our work with a customer satisfaction guarantee.

Keep in mind that our team is equipped to offer services for most of the common household pests. Contact our office today for further information.

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