You can find crickets in all parts of the world. In Exton, one of the most hated home-invading crickets is camel crickets. These crickets are more than just your average annoying bug that can jump far and let out loud chirping noises. Instead, they also damage the plants on your property as well as the personal property inside your house. 

At Uinta Pest Solutions we offer a wide range of pest control solutions in Exton, including camel cricket control. We know what attracts these bugs to your property and how to stop them from coming inside your home. 

How To Spot A Camel Cricket

The camel cricket is also called the cave or spider cricket; they have brown or tan bodies that help them blend in with their surroundings. Many people refer to this species as the camel cricket because its thorax is raised slightly above its abdomen, and it resembles the hump you find on a camel’s back. Other people call this cricket the spider cricket because it also has long and thin legs like a spider. 

One of the most distinguishing features of the camel cricket is the long antennae-like appendage that is at the end of its abdomen. This appendage is called a cerci and looks like a long, thin tail. 

Camel crickets are also sometimes called cave crickets because they like to hide in dark and damp areas like caves. If you have cave crickets in your home, you will likely find them inside your basement, bathroom, and other areas with a lot of moisture. 

The Problem Camel Crickets Cause In Exton Homes

The camel cricket bug can cause quite a few problems if it comes into your house. Some of the things that you could have to deal with if you have an infestation could include:

  • Noise: These crickets are known to chirp all night, which could become loud and cause you to lose sleep. 

  • Foul odor: Some cave crickets are known to emit a foul odor if crushed or killed, making them even more challenging to eliminate. 

  • Damaged clothing: These crickets like to eat a variety of fabrics and could leave holes in your bedding, clothing, furniture, curtains, and other cloth objects. 

These bothersome crickets are also known to infest homes in large numbers. If you see or hear these crickets roaming around your home, contact a cave cricket extermination company as soon as you can to ensure that you are able to eliminate any crickets from your property. 

How To Prevent Camel Crickets 

The best camel cricket prevention strategy for your home starts with blocking off any entrances to your house. These crickets are small and can squeeze through openings less than an inch wide.  Make sure to pay special attention to the areas around your windows and doors. Use caulking or weather stips to seal off the gaps. 

You should also reduce any moisture around your home. Ensure crawl spaces, basements, and other humid areas are well-ventilated. Also, fix any pipes or leaking faucets right away. 

The Best Way To Control Camel Crickets In Exton

Camel cricket control in Exton requires a year-round strategy.  At Uinta Pest Solutions we can help you get rid of the camel crickets in your home for good. Don’t let these tiny, destructive bugs take over your home. 

Give us a call today to become one step closer to having a cricket-free home for good.

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