Rodents are creatures that are the largest single category of mammals. Some types of rodents, particularly mice and rats, are often referred to as commensal rodents, as they often live in proximity to humans for access to resources, including food, water, and shelter.

Norway rats or brown rats are a common species. The name of these rats is actually a misnomer, as most experts believe that the species originated in Northern China, Mongolia, and other areas of Asia.

Are you looking for answers regarding how to quickly expel rats from your property? Based on the potential health risks posed by these creatures, contacting a local pest control company is encouraged. For safe and effective rat control in Salt Lake City, residents should seek assistance from trained professionals. Uinta Pest Solutions has what you need for rat control in Salt Lake City. 

Characteristics Of Norway Rats

Unlike roof rats, which have excellent climbing skills and will enter structures from upper exterior areas, this species generally remains on the lower levels; therefore, home occupants commonly notice signs of Norway rats in basements, crawl spaces, or the ground floor.

Norway rats have husky bodies covered in brownish fur that range from 7 to 10 inches with a slightly shorter length tail. Property owners who are struggling with an infestation might notice trails of Norway rat droppings, which often measure ½ of an inch long and have blunt ends.

In many cases, homeowners will notice damage to fabrics, paper products, or insulation, which Norway rats use for constructing nests. Females have litters of between 6 to 12 pups.

Health Risks Of Norway Rats

What are some of the potential dangers associated with these kinds of rodents? Norway rats are known carriers of hantavirus, rat-bite fever, salmonellosis, leptospirosis, and other legitimate risks to human health. Norway rats might also introduce harmful parasites to the home.

As with all rodents, Norway rats have overgrown upper and lower front teeth called incisors that they use to continually chew on things. This gnawing habit is particularly a concern when it involves electrical wiring inside your home, which represents a potential fire hazard.

Norway Rat Prevention: Strategies To Keep These Pests Out

What are the best methods of preventing Norway rats from invading my home? Homeowners in Salt Lake City should consider the following tips:

  • Keep yard areas free of attractants, including birdfeeders, fallen fruits, or dog waste.

  • Never place pet food bowls in garages or on patios or decks.

  • Prevent standing water by filling in ground holes and removing planters, tarps, and other objects that might hold rainwater.

  • All bags of trash containing food scraps should remain inside durable garbage receptacles with functional lids that prevent access.

  • Seal any crevices around the foundation with caulk, as rats might navigate these openings and enter basements or crawl spaces.

These preventative measures have demonstrated their effectiveness, yet rats and other rodents are extremely persistent and crafty scavengers that may still thwart your efforts. If rats have entered your home, taking decisive action is the best response. An experienced Norway rat pest control company like Uinta Pest Solutions employs trained professionals who understand the behavior of these unwanted rodents and know how to safely remove them.

Know When It's Time To Call The Norway Rat Control Experts

How can I oust Norway rats from my property?

The team of pest control professionals with Uinta Pest Solutions provides high-quality rat control services for residents in the greater Salt Lake City area. After receiving an inquiry, we will have a qualified service technician respond to the property to conduct a thorough inspection. When possible, we use many of the latest, eco-friendly treatment options that ensure the safety of our customers, their pets, and our local environment.

Contact our office today for additional details regarding our comprehensive pest management solutions.

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