Ants are common insects that belong to the family Formicidae that exist in more than 12,000 different species. Ants have large heads and oval abdomens that are linked with a thin “waist” or petiole and have six legs.  

Ants generally reside in large below-ground nests or colonies with hundreds or thousands of others, which are sometimes found in outdoor yard areas in residential settings. Many members of these colonies spend their days actively foraging for sources of food. As omnivorous insects that will eat most of the foods that humans consume, ants will capitalize on opportunities to enter homes.

What is the best way to get rid of home-invading ants? To quickly expel ants from your home and ant colonies from exterior areas, seeking assistance from experienced pest control professionals is the best option. For effective residential ant control in Salt Lake City, residents should contact Uinta Pest Solutions regarding an onsite inspection.

Types of Ants Commonly Found Indoors

Some of the prevalent ant species in Utah include pavement ants, carpenter ants, pharaoh ants, odorous house ants, and several others.  Some people are unaware of how to tell termites from ants. The easiest way of distinguishing ants from termites involves their antennae. Ants have bent or elbowed antennae, while termites have straight antennae.

The Many Problems Ants Can Cause In Your Home

Because of their ability to communicate using pheromone chemicals, once a few ants enter your home, many other colony members often follow in droves, and the situation may quickly become unmanageable.

Do ants carry disease? Once indoors, ants will contaminate food and surfaces. Ants are associated with salmonellosis, E. coli, and other health-related concerns.

Sealing Gaps and Cracks: The First Line of Defense

Are you looking for answers regarding how to keep ants away? Some of the most effective methods involve limiting any of the likely points of entry such as:

  • Carefully probe the outer base of the structure for any voids or crevices that might allow entry and fill them with sealant.

  • Check the bases of entry doors for any gaps and attach sweeps if needed.

  • Use caulk where needed to fill any points of entry around the frames and casings of windows.

  • Ensure that any torn window screens are promptly repaired or replaced.

The aforementioned exclusionary strategies represent some of the best ant prevention tips; however, homeowners should also recognize the importance of limiting attractants. Ants are drawn to homes with crumbs scattered on kitchen floors, spills left on countertops, and sinks filled with dirty dishes.

If you are experiencing an active ant infestation, reach out to a local pest control company for treatment. The pros receive training regarding how to remove ants from the home and understand the best methods of eliminating any ant colonies that exist in the exterior areas of the property.

Contact The Pros About Ants Around Your Home

Which of the home ant control products sold by local retailers are the most effective?

Too many property owners try taking matters into their own hands when struggling with ant problems. Some of these individuals buy mass-market, do-it-yourself options such as aerosol sprays, baiting stations, or granular repellent formulas, which are marketed using highly embellished claims of effectiveness. Weeks later, many of the homeowners realize that these store-bought ant control products generate only short-term results that simply prolong their frustration.

Consulting with an experienced ant exterminator in Salt Lake City is the recommended course of action. Uinta Pest Solutions is among the leading ant pest control companies in this region. Residents in need of comprehensive services for additional problems with bed bugs, termites, rodents, and many other pests should contact our office today. 

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