Mice are types of rodents, which are mammals that belong to the order Rodentia. Mice, along with rats, squirrels, and other rodents all have rootless, overgrown front teeth known as incisors. Rodents use their incisors to incessantly gnaw on objects and materials that they encounter.

Are you noticing some of the signs of worsening mouse infestation inside your home? You are not alone, as these small critters can easily infiltrate homes through small openings. Those who experience the most positive outcomes typically have help from qualified pest control professionals. Today, Salt Lake City mouse exterminators have a variety of treatment options for efficiently removing these bothersome invaders and will identify and address any existing vulnerabilities that could result in future intrusions involving rodents. That’s where Uinta Pest Solutions can come in. 

Clear Signs Of House Mice

What are some of the most common indications of infestations involving mice and similar types of harmful rodents in Utah?  Mice and most rodent species are primarily nocturnal creatures that remain hidden during the day; however, home occupants often hear these pests rummaging around at night within attics, walls, or crawl spaces.

Hungry mice will often ravage bags containing nuts, dried fruits, pasta, or pet food inside of cupboards or pantries. Mice leave trails of excrement and foul odors generally emerge. Those with cats or dogs might notice their pets behaving in unusual ways when they detect the scents of these undesirable rodents.

Is It Dangerous To Have House Mice In Your Home?

Mice are scavengers that will venture through garbage and other filthy areas seeking food. During their travels, mice might have been exposed to a variety of germs and dangerous parasites.

What types of diseases might mice carry? Mice pose health-related concerns, including hantavirus, tularemia, salmonellosis, and more. Mice also may create health risks to pets; therefore, never encourage direct confrontations.

Property owners in the Salt Lake City region who have noticed the presence of mice inside their homes should take decisive action. Promptly contacting an experienced mouse control company is the first step in quickly and safely expelling these elusive and resilient rodents.

Proactive Tips To Prevent House Mice

Are you looking for answers regarding how to keep mice out of your house? Mice are small and elusive creatures that are difficult to prevent and challenging to remove. Some of the most effective preventative strategies include:

  • Fill any small openings around the external base of the structure using a durable, water-resistant caulk or sealant.

  • If gaps exist around the frames of entry doors or windows, fill them using sweeps or weatherstripping.

  • Any window screens with holes should be promptly replaced.

  • Prevent access to trash bags containing food scraps, both inside and outside, by placing them in receptacles with tightly-fitting lids.

  • Regularly sweep up crumbs on kitchen floors, which includes those below appliances such as ovens and refrigerators.

As these best practices indicate, homeowners should adopt a comprehensive prevention plan that includes performing regular home maintenance tasks, using exclusionary measures when needed, and limiting attractants. Those struggling with an existing problem with mice should get in touch with a local pest control company regarding an onsite inspection.

Call The Professionals At The First Sign Of House Mice

Are you frustrated with mice inside your home? Make the smart choice by contacting a local rodent control professional for assistance.

Uinta Pest Solutions remains a leading provider of residential mouse removal services for residents of greater Salt Lake City. We create customized solutions based on the specific circumstances of the problem. We often deploy a comprehensive, diversified treatment plan that uses strategically positioned traps, boxes containing specialized bait, and monitoring boards to confirm that all rodents have been expelled.

For effective rodent control and other pest-related services, contact our office today for help.

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