German cockroaches are the most common type of roach found in the United States, so it only makes sense that they'd be in our homes. But are these bugs more dangerous than their less common contemporaries? Unfortunately, yes!

If you find yourself living with a German cockroach infestation, attempting to treat it yourself could worsen things. We wrote this article to explain the finer points of infestations and what homeowners can do to fight back effectively. Keep reading, and don't hesitate to call Uinta Pest Solutions for the best pest control in Salt Lake City!

Spotting One German Cockroach Almost Certainly Means More

Often, one of the earliest signs of a cockroach infestation homeowners recognize is seeing a single roach zipping across a counter or disappearing through a crack in the wall. What they sometimes need help understanding, however, is that it's rarely just one cockroach in their home. Instead, one German cockroach all alone is likely much closer to a group of others nearby.

Generally speaking, it's impossible to tell how many German cockroaches have invaded your space just by looking at the signs of cockroaches in your home. However, that's just one of the reasons why you should rely on professionals for pest removal. Our technicians will thoroughly inspect your home to determine the source of your infestation and work diligently to remove it.

How German Cockroaches Are More Dangerous Than Other Roaches

You'd be hard-pressed to find someone whom German cockroaches don't revile. They carry a grotesque appearance (even by the standards of cockroaches) that can send shivers down the spine of even the most hardened individuals. But German cockroaches are physically dangerous, too. 

German cockroaches (like all varieties) are disease vectors. They spread harmful bacteria to everything they touch, including food. Health problems they cause include:

  • Cholera
  • Dysentery
  • Asthma
  • Typhoid fever

German cockroaches can also affect people that are allergy sensitive. Those who suffer from allergies contend with breathing difficulties, adverse skin reactions, and nasal infections when these pests are nearby.

During your inspection, Uinta Pest Solutions seek out every possible hiding space and build your unique treatment plan accordingly. We know that leaving even one roach behind is enough to start the problem over again. Therefore, we also offer regularly scheduled recurring visits.

How German Cockroach Infestations Start In Salt Lake City Homes

German cockroaches live wherever humans are present to feed on our food and garbage. German cockroaches also need humid climates to survive, which forces them indoors during colder months. In many cases, however, they discreetly catch a ride into our homes through luggage, bags, and boxes. 

Of course, German cockroaches can work their way into your home without help by slipping through cracks and holes in your walls. Thus, there's always a danger that infestations elsewhere on your property can quickly move indoors. 

At Uinta Pest Solutions, we believe that understanding how pests get into your home is just as important as removing them from it. Therefore, we train our crew to seek out possible entry points and bring them to your attention, so you can better protect yourself from future infestations. 

The Pros To Call For Total German Cockroach Elimination

Incredible durability is one of the defining characteristics of cockroaches. They are one of the most resilient and adaptive bugs you'll likely encounter in Salt Lake City, if not the world. That's why you need professional cockroach control – you need Uinta Pest Solutions.

Our team receives continuous training. Combine that with our dedication to old-school customer service, and you get a knowledgeable team that's more than happy to work with you to solve your pest problems. So contact us now for a no-obligation inspection and take your first step toward pest-free living! 

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