Humans aren't the only ones trying to escape this brutal heat. Elm seed bugs also seek shelter from the hot summer sun, and unfortunately, they are finding relief inside local homes. This blog will help you learn more about elm seed bugs and review how working with a local Salt Lake City pest control company can help you manage an infestation.

We'll start by providing information about these bugs' behaviors and habits. We'll also explain why there seems to be a sudden invasion of elm seed bugs in our area and review the problems they can cause. Keep reading to learn how to get rid of elm seed bugs and keep them out with the pros at Uinta Pest Solutions.

Understanding Elm Seed Bugs: Behavior and Habits

You aren't alone if you don't remember seeing elm seed bugs before. These bugs first came to Utah in 2014 and have become a real nuisance in this area. Elm seed bugs, as their name suggests, feed on the seeds and leaves of elm trees and are sometimes seen around oak and linden trees. 

Elm seed bugs in Salt Lake City lay their eggs on the flowers of elm trees, which hatch in April, and adults start to appear around mid-to-late June. As outdoor temperatures rise, you'll notice more of these bugs close to the house or coming inside. If you are having trouble with an elm seed bug infestation, contact us today at Uinta Pest Solutions for assistance.

The Elm Seed Bug Invasion: Understanding The Problem

Thankfully, elm seed bugs do not damage the trees they infest, but they can become a serious nuisance when they get inside. Here are some of the problems that come with these insects:

  • When summer temperatures rise above 80 degrees or the winter cold sets in, elm seed bugs enter homes in large numbers. 
  • Their fecal matter can stain your belongings.
  • When the bugs are crushed or mishandled, they release a terrible odor, like bitter almonds.
  • They will crawl all over walls, windows, and ceilings, frequently landing and crawling on people.

If these bugs congregate around or inside your home, we are here to help. Uinta Pest Solutions provides elm seed bug control in Salt Lake City to help manage these nuisance pests in Salt Lake City and eradicate them from your home.

Elm Seed Bug Prevention: Steps To Keep Them Out

Figuring out how to deter elm seed bugs and keep them out of the house can be challenging for homeowners. Here are some steps you can take to help keep these bugs outside where they belong:

  • Seal any cracks and crevices larger than the width of a quarter.
  • Check that weatherstripping is intact around all of your doors and windows.
  • Check your window screens for holes and ensure they have a tight fit.
  • Install door sweeps where necessary and check existing ones for gaps.
  • Regularly clean up debris and fallen elm seeds around your house.

If elm seed bugs continue to be a problem, contact us at Uinta Pest Solutions for assistance. Our pros can help you determine how they get inside and the best way to keep them out.

Professional Assistance: Contact Us For Total Elm Seed Bug Control

Getting rid of elm seed bugs can be challenging, but the pros at Uinta Pest Solutions are here to help. We provide eco-friendly treatments that are pet and family-safe. Call us now to learn more about our home pest control services or to schedule an appointment to get elm seed bugs out of your house and keep them from returning.

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