You aren’t alone if you hear squeaking and scratching sounds coming from inside your walls at night. As we head toward winter and the temperatures drop, mice search for a comfortable place to spend the season, and our warm homes offer everything they need to survive and thrive. Whether you think mice are already in the house or you are looking to prevent them proactively, this article is for you.

We’ll start by explaining how to identify common mice to help you confirm they are the culprits. We’ll also review the risks that pose to your family and property and provide prevention strategies to help you keep these troublesome pests out. Read on to learn more about effective mouse control in Salt Lake City with the experts from Uinta Pest Solutions.

Identifying The Common Mouse: Differentiating Mice From Other Rodents

House mice and rats are the most common rodent species that invade homes. The following list explains some ways you can determine which type of rodent is in your home:

  • A mouse’s body is around 4 inches long compared to a rat’s, which can be up to 9 1/2 inches.

  • Mouse droppings are less than 1/4 of an inch long, while rat droppings are over a 1/2 inch.

  • Mice make high-pitched squeaking sounds, while rats have a lower pitch and make hissing and chattering sounds.

  • Gnaw marks from mice look like scratches, and rats leave more pronounced teeth marks that are about 1/8 of an inch long.

If you need assistance identifying or eliminating the rodents in your home, the pros at Uinta Pest Solutions are here to help. Contact us today to learn more about our services or to request a free quote.

Health Risks And Property Damage: The Risks Of A Mouse Infestation

Even a single mouse in the house can cause problems, and these social animals tend to live in groups and breed rapidly. Mice can transmit several diseases, including tularemia and leptospirosis, to people. Mouse droppings also contaminate food with bacteria like salmonella, and an infestation can cause your family to experience allergy symptoms and asthma attacks.

Regarding your property, mice chew through walls and cabinets, contaminate insulation, and chew on wiring in the walls, creating a fire hazard. The sooner you get these rodents out of the house, the safer everyone will be. Contact us today at Uinta Pest Solutions with any questions about our services or to schedule an inspection.

The Importance Of Prompt Mouse Removal: Call Us Right Away!

It is essential to get rid of mice as quickly as possible to protect your family and home from their dangers. Uinta Pest Solutions offers eco-friendly, pet and family-safe treatments to remove these pests from your home. Call us now to learn more about our rodent control services or to request a free quote.

Preventative Measures For Mice: Keep Them Out Before They Get In

Mouse prevention involves eliminating any potential factors that may attract them and exclusion techniques to ensure they can’t get inside. Here are some of our best tips to keep mice away from your home and family:

  • Cut shrubs and tree branches back away from the house.

  • Seal any cracks or holes on the house’s exterior.

  • Store food in sealed rodent-proof containers.

  • Keep your home and storage areas clean and dry.

The experts at Uinta Pest Solutions are here to assist with mouse removal and prevention in Salt Lake City. Call us now to learn how we can help protect your family from these dangerous rodents.

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