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Help! Voles Keep Tearing Up My Garden

Not everyone is a lawn guru and has the power to maintain beautiful, green, weed-free grass. If you are a lawn guru, hats off to you. We know how much effort it takes. That said, it doesn’t matter the condition of your property; voles can always make things worse. These small ground rodents dig unsightly holes and tunnels into lawns and cause other problems with their voracious appetite and sometimes invasive behaviors. If you think these pests are infesting your Utah lawn, or garden, we are here today to help!

What Are Voles?

A vole is a small rodent that infests lawns and other grassy areas. This relatively cute-looking pest is 4 to 8 ½ inches long, has brown or grey fur, and is compact with short legs and a medium-length tail. Being compact makes digging and squeezing through tunnels underground easy. These furry creatures build nests underground consisting of one or more entrance mounds, a feeding area, several tunnels, and a nesting area. Because voles are not strong enough to dig through more dense earth, their tunnels are usually built close to the surface, roughly a foot underground. This causes some serious property damage to lawns and landscaping.

The Destructive Nature of Voles

There are two main ways that voles harm properties. The first is by leaving unsightly runways across lawns. Underground tunnels create these runways of damaged and compacted grass. The second way voles harm properties is by chewing up decorative plants and produce. If you enjoy growing herbs, vegetables, or other food-producing plants in a garden near your home, these pests are a huge threat to your hard work.

Why Voles Invade Yards

Voles are omnivorous, meaning they eat both plant growth and other animals. When looking for a place to nest, finding viable food sources nearby is of top priority. If your property has an influx of insects, fruit trees, berry bushes, vegetables, or left-out scraps, voles will be more likely to settle in close by.

Are Voles Dangerous?

Since voles do not invade human living spaces, they are not directly dangerous to humans. Like other rodents in our area, these pests carry a wide range of diseases and disease-causing organisms. One thing to note with these pests is that they regularly carry fleas and ticks onto properties. If you have outdoor pets that lack protection from these smaller parasitic bugs, this could spell trouble for you.

Six Prevention Tips For Voles

Keeping voles out of your yard can be accomplished with a few prevention tips:

  1. Install a fence around your yard and garden. Make sure this fence extends underground for at least a foot.
  2. Clean up fruits, vegetables, and berries that fall into your yard.
  3. Pick up food messes and wipe up drink spills that occur around your property.
  4. Clear brush, leaf piles, and sticks from your yard.
  5. Store firewood, lumber, and building materials at least 30 feet from your home’s exterior
  6. Avoid installing dense mulch near trees and shrubs around your property.

For additional assistance vole-proofing your yard, call the experts at Uinta Pest Solutions. 

How Professionals Deal With Voles

If voles are tunneling through your yard, causing trouble, it is easy to get discouraged. Thankfully, you do not have to try to capture these pests yourself. To have voles removed from your property, trust the experts at Uinta Pest Solutions. Our team of licensed professionals has the advanced treatments and industrial-grade traps needed to handle rodents like voles effectively. We also offer a range of control services to handle a wide range of intrusive yard and home pests.

Contact Uinta Pest Solutions today to discover your options for rodent control services and schedule your Utah property for a service visit.

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